Paleo Hoisin Sauce Recipe


I was apparently making some non-paleo recipes recently, using hoisin sauce without realizing that it wasn’t paleo friendly.  Rather than forego recipes with this delicious Chinese barbecue sauce, I whipped up my own and have a bunch stored in my fridge and freezer right now. This is pretty easy to make actually and requires no […]

Just Bench Press Workout


This is something that I haven’t tried out yet, but an idea that came to my head while working out this morning.  Some people base their workout routine around compound lifts (bench press, pull up, shoulder press, squats, and deadlifts).  They usually mix up those workouts or use one of those as the base of […]

Grilled Corned Beef Brisket (paleo)

Slow grilled paleo corned beef

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day so I wanted to make a nice paleo St. Patrick’s day meal for myself…a day early. I was looking into what exactly corned beef is, and it has nothing to do with corn.  It is just brined beef brisket, so it is almost paleo from the start. Adding salt to […]